Metallised Polyesters

Printable VinylEfx films allow you to transform ordinary printing into extraordinary printing! If you can print on vinyl, you can print on VinylEfx films...because it is vinyl. These eye-catching, glittering vinyls set your graphics apart from other printed images. VinylEfx prints attract more attention, so your marketing message is noticed, read and remembered. That WOW factor is your competitive edge. For demanding applications such as truck and boat graphics, Durable Series VinylEfx films are a superior alternative to the expensive simulated gold leaf films. Decorative Series VinylEfx films are perfect for extended indoor applications, such as POP graphics and for use in window displays.
Smooth Series
Fine Brush Series
Metal Flake
Carbon Fibre
Smooth Silver
Smooth Gold
Diamond Plate
Florentine Silver
Florentine Gold
Florentine Gold
Florentine Gold