Tips and Tricks
Tips for Garment Maintenance
We are often asked the best way to maintain the integrity of a heat-transferred garment once it has been applied. Depending on the durability of each individual product, here our top tips for getting the maximum life out of your newly pressed garment.
Tips for Garment Maintenance
We often have customers ask if we have a product that is an "all in one" to cover applications on nylon, cotton, polyester and acrylic style fibres. The answer is yes!

Wall films come in a range of textures, with durability and adhesive features to match many applications including: walls, doors, ceilings, reception areas, offices, retail stores, gyms, restaurants and much more...

Choosing the right vinyl product for the application can be difficult. Starting with the basics of manufacturing and product differences, we'll explain when you should use a cast vinyl or a calendered vinyl, highlight the risks you introduce in mixing vinyl types and the results of mixing.